Helpful Hints for Vendors/Visitors:

The concept of the US 301 Endless Yard Sale in June is to attract visitors from a 300 mile radius and off the interstates to our communities along 301 in Johnston County and our partner counties in North Carolina. The event encourages businesses and residents to participate by having yard sales, sidewalk sales and special promotions for a continuous stretch from one end of the sale route to the other. Established in 2013, the organizers are excited to welcome additional counties along US 301 in North Carolina: Halifax, Nash, Wilson, and Harnett.

Q. How do I become a VENDOR?

A. Anyone can be a vendor by simply having a yard sale in their yard, at their business or setting up in designated vendor places. The communities along US 301 have worked with area contacts to establish vendor locations and each town will have a list of available locations.  Each town will have worked with sites on permits, parking, public restrooms and food vendor guidelines. Vendors should work with town contacts closely to ensure a successful experience for all. Select the appropriate county from the side menu for your area contact information.

Q. What can I SELL?

A. Almost anything! Popular is junk, antiques, collectibles, dishes and glassware, to farm implements, baked food items, crafts, produce and more. Rows and rows of clothes are not the most popular items, but as the saying goes, "One man's junk is another man's treasure", so who can say! 

In our effort to support local merchants, neighbors and civic groups, no temporary food establishments or mobile food vendors.  No animal sales.  Food permitted for sale by legitimate 501(c)(3) organizations only. 


A. Yard sales can be found at homes located along on the designated route on US 301, in business parking lots, along side streets adjacent to the route, and even in wide open fields and pastures in our rural communities between the towns proper.

Q. Where does it BEGIN and where do I PARK?

A. The original length of the US 301 Endless Yard Sale travels from Kenly to Benson, a 30 mile stretch through Johnston County. You might decide to start at the southern end and travel north or any combination. You may decide to jump on board anywhere in between. Parking may be limited in some areas to driveways or roadside in other places. VERY IMPORTANT - be cautious of the driver in front of you and pedestrians on the roadway - be patient and a parking space will present itself.

Now added to the 301 Endless Yard Sale Route are Halifax, Nash, Wilson, and Harnett County. Halifax County is near the North Carolina border, if traveling to the state on I-95, the primary exit is 173.  Venturing south from Halifax, shoppers will enter Nash County, then Wilson County, next will be Johnston, and then Harnett.  As we mentioned you can start at one end and travel the route, or stay in one community and hub out to find your treasures.

Q. What TIME do the SALES BEGIN?

A. Each vendor is on their own and can choose when they want to begin but suggested vendor hours are 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Q. Can I SHIP items home?

A. Definitely! You found something you just had to have but don't have room to load in your vehicle? Many communities have shipping centers and of course Post Offices. They will be glad to work with you to get your items home so you can continue on the yard sale route.  During our first sale we noticed many large box-type vans -- if you are a buyer, we hope you fill up your vehicle!

Q. WHO ORGANIZES this event?

A. The event was created by tourism officials in Johnston County but relies on community support from each town planning department, and/or chamber office to promote the event in their regions. The success of the sales depend on coordination from each community.

Q. What does it COST to participate?

A. There is no fee for local residents to participate however, some vendor spaces may charge a nominal rental fee to allow you to set up a booth.  Those fees are determined by the land/business owner and are not set by any committee.

Q. Is there an ADMISSION FEE?

A. NO. You should never have to pay admission. The event was not set up for that purpose.

Q. How long will it take me to get from point A to point B?

A. That depends on how disciplined you are and how much ground you want to travel in one day. If you have to stop at every yard sale then it may take you awhile. It is easy enough to "cruise" the yard sales and travel a modest distance but it also easy to get caught up in the event and spend 3 to 4 hours in one area. We suggest you Pre-Plan your route. Decide in advance how much time you want to spend in each area and try to stick with your plan. But most of all - have a good time and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Q. Are there HOTELS near the yard sales and should I make RESERVATIONS?

A. Yes, there are plenty of accommodations located along the way. Making reservations is a wise decision but you have to have a plan and be disciplined to make your destination for the night. Getting a room may be difficult if you wait too late in the day to find a place but not impossible.  For hotel options in Johnston County and more visitor information, please click here.

Each partner county will have visitor information on their websites as well.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Be very cautious of other vehicles.
  • Watch for pedestrians.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Wear Sunscreen.
  • Take pictures.
  • Enjoy rural North Carolina and small town charm!